Building surveying is undertaken by our consultants. We have the knowledge and experience in understanding buildings, to deal with technical issues that arise. We are independent and give honest and objective assessments. Our advice enables you to best manage your building asset.

Our broad expertise in consulting on buildings is best utilised at the planning and commencement stage of your project, however we can help at any of the following stages of your building:

  • At the planning phase
  • During your building project
  • Existing buildings
  • Buildings with defects, leaky or problematic issues

We offer:

Building Condition Surveys

  • We advise the current condition, identify defects and non-compliance with the NZ Building Code. Our report provides recommendations for the remedial work required.

Maintenance Schedules

  • Short term through to long term maintenance schedules, to ensure the effective management and upkeep of your property is achieved.

If you’d like to know how we can help, please contact us by phone +64 9 636 3485 or email us at