Dispute Resolution

Forensic Building Consultants Dispute Resolution

How We Can Help:

There may be occasions where conflict during a building project arises. Examples of these could be between:

  • A property owner and contractor, whereby a party may have issued a claim under the New Zealand Construction Contracts Act 2002.
  • A property owner and contractor, where the execution of the building project is not in accordance with the building consent and/or NZ building codes and standards.
  • A property owner and contractor, over the cost of the project.
  • Main contractor and subcontractor/s.
  • An insurer and a property owner, over the proposed cost and/or standard of repairs with an insurance claim.
  • A vendor and new purchaser, due to potential misrepresentation at sale.
  • Our building consultants can provide an independent on site review and cost analysis (quantity surveying) appraisal, for presentation to your legal counsel. The expertise of FBC’s consultants to prepare evidence and documentation is vital, in presenting your side of the claim in litigation.

    You suspect your building has some issues, so where do you stand? For example:

  • The Code Compliance Certificate for your building may have been issued a considerable time after it was constructed, and parties could still be liable.
  • Are there warranty provisions in the sale and purchase agreement that give you legal recourse?
  • Have the agent and/or vendor misrepresented the condition of the

    Our building consultants maintain ongoing professional relationships with lawyers and barristers who specialise in construction related disputes.

  • You’re planning to undertake a building project!

    It can be difficult to coordinate the numerous building disciplines involved and keep everybody on task, in agreement, and on budget.  All too frequently, disputes unfortunately arise.  We’re able to assist, whether you are a property owner, a building contractor or a developer.


    Our technical proficiency as a Building Expert provides independent objective advice to help bring clarity in a dispute with the objective of reaching agreement, or at least, to settle on agreed differences.

    If you’d like to know how we can help, please contact us by phone +64 9 636 3485 or email us at info@fbcltd.co.nz