Problematic Or Leaky Buildings


Was your building constructed some time ago and you have discovered it does not have a CCC – Code Compliance Certificate?

Has the council issued you with a letter under Section 95A of the NZ Building Act?

We can assist with a pathway for you to make application for the CCC. Forensic Building Consultants has the expertise and the recognition from council to undertake this type of service, involving the investigation of your building and provision of the type of report required by council.


Following the investigation and submission of the report to council, if further assistance is required to your building in order to achieve obtaining the CCC, Forensic Building Consultants can provide a ‘one-stop shop’ package to support you through the process.


Do you need a Building Survey or Weathertightness Investigation?

If you are concerned about dampness or think you have a leaky building, we have the expertise to help.


At site inspections, we don’t just come armed with tools (moisture meters, infrared camera, etc.), to determine a moisture problem. Our many years of investigating buildings in New Zealand enables us to efficiently and accurately locate defects, diagnose the source/s of water, and come up with recommendations to fix the problem.


Our knowledgeable advice to support you through this process typically includes the following steps:

  • A thorough review of documents provided, including the council property file and prior reports, to assess the current structure.
  • A site investigation, to determine defects and potential non-compliant construction. This provides a platform on which we formulate a recommended scope of repair, suitable for a designer to work from.
  • Forensic Building Consultants provide you with a thoroughly detailed report, outlining the defects and non-compliances discovered, along with our recommended scope of repair to remediate the building in line with the NZ Building Code. Recommendations may include aspects of the redesign of non-performing areas, to minimise the risk of future moisture ingress. The information we provide can be used as part of your legal claim. See Dispute Resolution, below.

    If you’re a home owner or a building professional already involved in a remedial project, our consultants can assist with:

  • Identifying design issues and recommending solutions to minimise risk design.
  • Acting as an independent timber frame assessor to mark up timber framing, as required by (Auckland) Council during the recladding of your building.
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    Architectural & Structural Design

    Once you’ve taken the very positive step to determine to resolve the causes and potential extent of issues to your building, you may decide to proceed with the re-designing of your building, with plans and specifications suitable for a building consent. We’ll be happy to guide you through this process.


    Our design team work closely with our building consultants to create designs that respect your aesthetic and budget requirements, while focusing on ‘designing out’ those high-risk features that created the moisture issues in the first instance.

    Quantity Surveying

    Prior to starting your project, consider obtaining a quantity surveying estimate, to assist in providing an indication of the potential cost, in order to be able to set budgets during the decision-making process.

    Project Management

    A well run project is not only cost effective, it is also a building constructed to the quality and standard to the home owner’s expectations. Building projects are full of ongoing challenges! Our consultants have the expertise to effectively manage projects in a concise and organised manner, to minimise the stress that invariably occurs with a building project and achieves the intended finished result.

    Dispute Resolution (Building Expert)

    If you are considering pursuing a legal claim, it is critical that you seek advice from your legal counsel as early as possible, to determine if time limitations restrict the opportunity for recourse.


    Forensic Building Consultants can provide an opinion on the areas of responsibility of the parties involved in the construction and provide expert advice to support your legal counsel.


    As a Building Expert (or Expert Witness), we have recognised experience in acting for all parties in the litigation process. We have acted in claims for homeowners, councils, body corporates, contractors and defendants.


    The information we provide can be used as part of your legal claim, prior to the repair of a building.

    If you’d like to know how we can help, please contact us by phone +64 9 636 3485 or email us at